How to motivate yourself to cook often?

cooking in kitchen

We’ve all experienced those days where we’re either lying in bed binge-watching our favourite shows or immersed on our computers preparing for the next meeting. It’s difficult to summon the energy to get up, walk to the kitchen, and begin chopping and stirring. There’s no need to be concerned; we’ve got you covered! Here are […]

Essentials for A Well Stocked Kitchen Pantry

stocked pantry

For someone who enjoys cooking. After a hard day, cooking and eating your favourite dish is something to look forward to. When people see an empty kitchen pantry, though, their joy and motivation to create a dinner often fades. An empty kitchen pantry indicates that there isn’t much to work with. As a result, one […]

Methods of Natural Food Preservation

food preservation

Food is essential for survival. We all found out the hard way during a statewide lockdown, when people panicked and stocked up on necessities in preparation for the unknown. Food preservation isn’t something most people think about. We take it for granted because there are plenty of alternatives until a pandemic strikes. Food preservation has […]

Indian cuisine’s nutritional value

Indian Cuisine

Spices abound in Indian cuisine. Every region of the country is known for its particular delicacy or regional meal. This is why Indian cuisine has such a diverse selection of dishes. The nutritional value differs in different regions of the country due to the fact that each location has varied dietary contents. According to the […]

5 foods to beat that post covid fatigue

Even after testing negative for Covid-19, many people report tiredness. These foods will help you regain your energy. Many of you who have battled Covid-19 are aware of the different measures that must be taken after being infected with this horrible virus. Monitoring and managing your energy levels is one such measure. According to research […]

5 Immunity Boosting Indian Food

immunity boosting food

The majority of us are likely to make some New Year’s resolutions. It’s no surprise that so many people’s New Year’s resolutions revolve around eating smart and eating healthy. Two of the most common food-related resolutions are to eat less junk food and to prevent overeating. If you want to eat properly, though, you should […]

Add more colours to your plate

Colourful veggies

It is possible that consuming the same type of food will become monotonous. It can also be extremely soothing… Many people eat the same breakfast or dinner every day because they enjoy it. And because they don’t have a choice, many individuals (students in hostels, adulting victims) eat the same cuisine. Eating the same thing […]

Increase your grocery’s shelf life

Increase your grocery’s shelf life

Purchasing groceries in bulk is always less expensive. With all of their offers and discounts, supermarkets ensure this. Yes, I understand how difficult it is to resist the allure of discounts. However, storing big quantities of goods in such a way that they survive longer comes with a great deal of responsibility. When you’re busy, […]

5 Ingredients That Are Perceived As Unhealthy

healthy vs unhealthy

Do you ever start eating something wonderful and then feel bad about your unhealthy food choices halfway through? There’s nothing else to say. The five components listed below can help you make better eating choices while also delighting your taste senses. You’d assume they’re bad for you, but they’re not! Ghee Ghee is a common […]

Foods That Will Keep You Full

Foods That Will Keep You Full

When it comes to Indian cuisine, there is never a shortage of options. Indian food is extremely diverse, ranging from South Indian delicacies to North Indian recipes. This cuisine employs not just a variety of veggies and spices, but also a number of unusual cooking techniques. Since the last decade, various new ingredients have been […]